“Jeanne Cameron’s beautiful, unaltered montage narratives, in which human, animal and natural worlds blend, have a magical Pre-Raphaelite quality that would fit the finest fairy tales. A woman’s face rises, Ophelia like, through the raw grain of a splintered chunk of wood in the “Tree with a Heart”. “Hibernation” is an evocative tour de force, as human faces crowned by antlers emerge from a blanket of snow so thick and appealing that the scene’s chill blues and whites are warmed by the suggested bulk and softness of the snow. Disquieting, lovely, Cameron’s images are replete with psychological and emotional truths that justify whatever means were used to realize them.”

–Lee Flemming, The Washington Post, Corcoran Museum Exhibition

“What is evoked in pictures like those by Jeanne Cameron, which nod to Pictorialist precedent, is a classical sense of beauty and proportion that persist in dance, architecture and painting much more strongly than in photography.”

–Andy Grundberg, formerly photography critic for The New York Times and Director of the Ansel Adams Center

“The range of photography’s expressive abilities is amply demonstrated in Jeanne Cameron’s lushly romantic setups, which recall Henry Peach Robinson’s Victorian tableaux…”

–Charles Hagen, The New York Times

“Jeanne Cameron’s compositions, in which she transforms natural objects into surreal human figures, are the most striking; they recall symbolist painting.”

–Edward J. Sozanski, The Philadelphia Inquirer